The Teacher's Library

The Teacher's Library

A Brief Description

We make teaching ethics a breeze with our Teacher's Library. It is provided as a bonus when requiring and ordering The Ethics of Touch! Customize your curriculum to meet your students needs and time requirements. The goals, objectives and activities could easily fill a 100-hour program.

Teachers find our library indispensable:

The section Lesson Plan Builders includes:

The library contains a section on How To Teach Ethics filled with specific techniques to improve teaching effectiveness.

From the How to Teach Ethics booklet:

Teaching ethics requires specialized skills and knowledge along with the intangible quality of authenticity that learners instinctively trust. The instructor needs to be psychologically savvy and skilled at building a safe and open atmosphere with clear limits and boundaries. An educational background in psychology and communication skills is highly recommended. The skill set consists of: creativity in the area of experiential learning; a good deal of life experience; and knowledge of different learning styles and how to teach to them. The primary qualities are: the ability to maintain neutrality; a non-judgmental demeanor; honesty; humility; sincerity; strength of character; warmth; and a caring attitude.

You must have a passion for this material. It must really interest and stir you. This is not just another course: you must put your whole self into it and deeply connect with the learners. This is one of the most important courses in their education; it sets the tone of their entire careers and maybe their lives as, well. Your experience and depth of knowledge of the material are essential to the learners? confidence in you.

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