Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

A truly "hands-on" practitioner's guide to creating a professional organized, efficiently operated, safe and enduring touch therapy practice, The Ethics of Touch is the collaborative effort on professional therapist ethics by touch therapy expert Ben E. Benjamin (Chairperson, AMTA Council of Schools Professional and Sexual Ethics Task Force) and international workshop provider and small business coach Cherie Sohnen-Moe.

All the common dilemmas confronting touch therapy practitioners are identified and addressed. Reflective exercises and questions enable the reader to personalize each chapter with the subject matter organized into sections focused on "Ethical Principles," "Boundaries," "Dynamics of Effective Communication," Dual Relationships," "Sex, Touch and Intimacy," "Ethical Practice Management," "Business Ethics," "Special Considerations in Cases of Trauma," and "Supervision." Enhanced with appendices providing "Forms," "Specialized Protocols" and "Codes of Ethics," The Ethics of Touch is strongly recommended reading for anyone engaging in any form of therapy with patients or clients that necessitates personal touch as part of the treatment regimen.

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