Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

AMTA - District of Columbia Chapter Newsletter
May 2003
by Angelique Bella

The Ethics of Touch is outstanding! I recommend this book for new and experienced massage therapists alike. It is well organized, easy to read, and covers a variety of issues from psychological and emotional attachments to energetic exchanges and business ethics. As a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. I especially appreciated the information about energetic boundaries.

When I took Reiki right out of massage school, I was not taught to be mindful and protective of my energetic boundaries and the dangers of not grounding sufficiently before and after work. Like many practitioner, I learn through bumbling, sometimes painful, experiences.

I believe this book will empower practitioners with a stronger foundation to make more appropriate choices. I encourage all to keep this book as a reference and re-read it from time [to time] as ethical lines can easily become blurred out of ignorance or even with the best of altruistic intentions.

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