Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

American Polarity Therapy Association
Energy Newsletter - Spring 2003
by John Chitty, RPP, RCST

This new textbook is a thorough summary of all aspects of training in ethics for body workers, custom-designed for classroom use. My first impression was that this is a match for Sohnen-Moe's Business Mastery, the well-established textbook for that curriculum topic area. That book fulfilled a real need in touch therapy schools. I expect this new book to take a comparable place in the educational setting.

Sohnen-Moe has a long history in the field of touch therapy education, and also a long history with APTA. She has presented at our conferences and provided articles and other support materials for at least a decade, so it is great to see this latest expansion of her work.

The book covers every conceivable angle in ethics training and adopts a "high road" approach that avoids too-strict interpretations on such complex subjects as dual relationships. Case history vignettes, cross-references, great quotations, checklists, and activities make the teacher's job easy by providing a built-in lesson plan that can be used in segments or all as one comprehensive training.

The chapter headings show how comprehensive this book is. Ethical Principles, Boundaries, Communication, Dual Relationships, Sex and Intimacy, Practice Management, Business, Special Considerations for Trauma and Supervision: every area gets its treatment with the same basic format. This approach is a boon for teachers and students. Learning is easier with standardized content such as this because we quickly know what to expect.

I thought the Appendices were a great resource as well. Forms are given for every conceivable purpose, plus protocols and sample codes of ethics (including APTA's).

I recommend The Ethics of Touch highly for all educators and students; this will provide everything you need to learn and develop in this all-important area of professional competence

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