Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

American Organization for Bodywork Therapies from Asia (ABOTA)
Pulse News - August 2003
by Debra Howard, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), LMT
AOBTA Certified Instructor, AOBTA President

Our profession can certainly benefit from a clear guide on ethics. At first glance, The Ethics of Touch is a lovely book to look at. As you make your way through, you begin to notice the efficiency involved as well. This is a delightful book, thorough and succinct, with many helpful features. There is even a certain amount of fun and humor thrown in!

The Ethics of Touch is well organized, and the chapters are set up to include discussion questions. This is an easy-to-read book on a complex subject, and includes an ethics resolution model as well as exercises for discovering self-issues (boundaries).

Each chapter ends with a summary, a list of highlights, and discussion questions and activities. Instructors and educators, students and experienced practitioners alike will find this book interesting and thought-provoking as well as a helpful guide to resolution of ethical dilemmas.

Other highlights of the book include: a risk factor questionnaire, HIPAA information clarified, a checklist for working with trauma survivors, a Client Bill of Rights, sample policies, Codes of Ethics from several sources reprinted, and specific techniques for working with self-disclosed survivors of trauma and abuse.

The Ethics of Touch is sure to be a treasure that generates many conversations and discussions about this important level of professionalism.

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