Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

AMTA - South Dakota Chapter Newsletter
August 2003
by Patti Koupal, AMTA-SD Chapter President, Newsletter Editor

I was given the privilege to review a new book on the market, The Ethics of Touch by Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe. Now just the authors' names will tell you the book has to be pretty informative! But sometimes putting a dry subject in print could be just that. . . dry.

I agreed to do this basically out of my respect for these two authors. I had read other books they [individually] published and felt they were definitely worth my time. Again, I was impressed. The subject of ethics is a very difficult and controversial subject to attack.

I like the way the book is laid out in each chapter, with conclusions, highlights and activities to do. It seems to apply to every way of learning. They attack some difficult situations with professionalism and understanding. The subject of boundaries is so important and sometimes not realized until after you are in the "touch" profession.

When I was in massage school, we talked about ethics in general and related it somewhat to massage, but being a student I had no idea how to approach boundaries or how to relate it to massage. Now that I have been in the profession for 6 years I can relate to this book so much and I agree with what they are talking about based on experience. I feel having this as a textbook and keeping it to refer to as your practice grows and changes would help tremendously. . . . I'm keeping it!!

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