Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

AMTA - Nebraska Chapter Newsletter
The Connecting Stroke - Fall 2003
by Daniel T. Higgins, BA, LMT, NCTMB

The Ethics of Touch is a groundbreaking work that addresses many of the salient issues associated with ethical touch therapy. In my many years as a student and instructor I have attended several workshops and read a number of books on the issue of ethics in general and specifically as it relates to touch therapy. I have never before discovered a work that so thoroughly investigates this multi-faceted subject so clearly and completely.

Ben Benjamin, Ph.D., and Cherie Sohnen-Moe have created an exhaustive work that will support touch professionals as they explore; Ethical Principles, Boundaries, Dynamics of Effective Communication, Dual Relationships, Sex, Touch and Intimacy, Ethical Practice Management, Business Ethics, Special Considerations in Cases of Trauma, Supervision, Forms, Specialized Protocols, and Codes of Ethics.

Each chapter is self-contained and can be read, or studied as a stand-alone session, or combined for a more inclusive investigation. Several of the chapters include exercises and activities that will stimulate questions and personal exploration and reflection. The book is invaluable for personal study, as well as being beautifully suited to group discussion or peer accountability review.

This is a work that should find its way into every school of body work as a text for those entering the field. It also can be used by practicing therapists for Continuing Education Units. You can obtain category A CEUs for each chapter. This fine work will make a welcome and useful addition to any library.

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