Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

Healing Touch International
January 2004
by Lisa Anselme, RN, BLS, CHTP/I, HNC, HTI Executive Director

This past year I have been drawn to reflect and write about ethics within the realm of energy work. These articles, entitled "The Ethics of Touch Series," can be found within our HT newsletters. In keeping with the laws of attraction, I then received a request to review a new book entitled The Ethics of Touch by Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe. This book is written primarily for body workers such as massage therapists and thus is not written from a perspective that is framed in energy practice. However, it does contain excellent practical tools and information on ethical considerations within a typical bodywork practice. I feel these tools would be very helpful for those working within Healing Touch practices, regardless of their clinical background or training.

I highly recommend it for those HT students and practitioners interested in enhancing their ethical awareness and practice.

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