Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

BC Massage Practitioner Journal
Spring 2004
by James Bechard B.Sc., RMT

The Ethics of Touch goes beyond examining countless ethical situations that involve touch to include many implications of business practice. I was unable to find a topic of interest to me that was not included in this book. The authors, Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Ben E. Benjamin and many other contributors, provide clear definitions and examples in a very thought provoking and educational package.

The Ethics of Touch is easy and interesting to read--and will be a valuable reference book. Each chapter is clearly organized and indexed for easy access to specific topics, and includes a conclusion and highlights section. This is particularly beneficial when trying to recall that `elusive concept.' The authors have provided `Discussion Questions' and `Activities' with each chapter, as well as numerous checklists and questionnaires.

Topics covered are Ethical Principles; Boundaries; Dynamics of Effective Communication; Relationships; Sex, Touch and Intimacy; Ethical Practice Management; Business Ethics; Special Considerations in Cases of Trauma; Supervision. Appendices contain examples of business forms, as well as Ethics Codes of the many professional bodywork associations--although I note that BC's extensive "Code of Ethics" is not included.

I wish this book had been available when I began my practice. There are many instances that I can think of over the last few years that would have been easier for me to have dealt with, had I been able to refer to this book.

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