Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

Healing Touch Canada
The Nexus, Vol 6 Issue 1 - Spring 2004
by Angela Mattos, CHTPM, Dir. of Administration HTC

As practitioners of Healing Touch and various energetic modalities we are given the privilege of connecting with others in potentially intimate ways. We receive information verbally and/or intuitively which can be quite personal and must be respected as such. It is paramount to understand the need for maintaining confidentiality and ethical practices. In keeping with this I highly recommend reading the Ethics of Touch series by Lisa Anselme, RN, BLS, CHTP/I, HNC, HTI Executive Director, that was published in the HTI newsletter beginning in November 2003. The first article of this series is included in this issue of the Nexus (pages 4-5).

I also recommend The Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D. and Cherie Sohnen-Moe (ISBN 1-882908-40-6). While I have not completed the book, what I have read so far has been well presented and has relevance to energy therapists. There are chapters on Ethical Principles; Dynamics of Effective Communication; Dual Relationships; Sex, Touch & Intimacy; Ethical Practice Management; Business Ethics; Special Considerations in Cases of Trauma; and Supervision.

While this book is written primarily for body workers (i.e. Massage Therapists, etc) and is not expressed in energetic terms, it is a wonderful resource offering practical tools that will hopefully broaden your awareness of ethical practices.

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