Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA)
Vol 9 Issue 2 April 2004
by Dorothy Culek

The Ethics of Touch
by Ben Benjamin & Cherie Sohnen-Moe

I'm glad I've had this opportunity to review the book The Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe. My reflexology training had included general comprehensive "foot"-print for specific situations I have or may encounter(ed). The Ethics of Touch has afforded me an in-depth understanding of virtually any situation that might occur for me as a practitioner and/or complementary-care consumer.

The book is very well-organized with easy-to-reference chapters and index. I found the particular features of chapter summaries and `Discussion Questions and Answers' very helpful and convenient. The summaries served to reinforce the information of the preceding chapter and the Q & A's gave focus for further study (i.e. colleague member study groups). The page margins included insightful and entertaining notes and highlights.

The author's lack of specifically referring to the modality of "Reflexology" by name as they did for many of the other bodywork modalities was disappointing. They did state "For consistency, and when speaking of all providers, we have chosen to use the words practitioner, health-care provider, somatic practitioner, hands-on practitioner; and the manual practitioner instead of specific titles. . ." I feel that reflexologists are generally included under the author's umbrella terms but reflexology being listed specifically would have given recognition to the modality.

Many ethical areas of a somatic worker's practice are investigated in this book from boundaries to business; from relationships to communication. Also included are various conflict resolution techniques as well as possible psychological explanations of many of the behaviors we might encounter. This gives a richer understanding of our clients and our interactions with them and ourselves.

At the selling price of $28.00 I recommend The Ethics of Touch as a worthwhile, dare I say, necessary investment to the professional reflexologist's reference library.

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