Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

AMTA - New Jersey Chapter
Hands On Newsletter - April 2004
by Savitri-Frizzell, Past President

Kudos to the team of writers! This book is a must-have for all therapists.

It gives a thorough nurturing for the beginner as a consistent referral since training; and to the seasoned therapist it offers the clarity of your many experiences that you no longer have to wish it existed.

The vast need for touch by our society carries an even greater need of responsibility for us to live by even greater need of responsibility for us to live by strong morals and even stronger boundaries. Because the need for ethics has expanded far beyond a chapter in a book, this team has complete 324 pages addressing the many array of issues that impact our professional interactions with clients from: understanding touch, many types of boundaries, communication.

Ethical practice management, business ethics, the special considerations in cases of trauma, or even if you need a resource for the various special forms needed in your office? You will not be disappointed in the professional investment of this book.

An ethical practice has become a woven tapestry visible throughout our daily actions and not just revealed on special occasions.

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