Book Review of The Ethics of Touch - International Fitness Association June 2009

Fitness Pro Chuck Krautblatt (Orlando, FL)

CEO, President

Indispensible Resource Material

This book is a practitioner's guide for Physical Therapist. I consider it an indispensible resource for anyone who comes in physical contact with a client not just Health Care Practitioners, but Health Care Professionals as well. In today's litigious society, this guide defines the safe and effective parameters of therapeutic touch. As a school for Personal Trainers, we strongly recommend this book for all of our trainers and fitness instructors as a guide for the safe and effective practice of their professional responsibilities.

The authors have a background in education which is fully demonstrated by the book's clear and concise content. The contributing editors are an impressive group from various and pertinent professional disciplines. [The] Ethics of Touch is an easy read and an informative resource for both the client and the practitioner. In addition, each chapter of this book qualifies for Continuing Education Credits (ceus).


  • Ethical Principles
  • Boundaries
  • Dynamics of Effective Communication
  • Dual Relationships
  • Sex, Touch and Intimacy
  • Ethical Practice Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Special Consideration In Cases of Trauma
  • Supervision
  • Three Appendices include a host of Forms, Protocols, and various Codes of Ethics.

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