Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

Hellerwork International
April 2014
by Robert Carl Scherzinger, President

I recommend The Ethics of Touch to all somatic practitioners?for students and seasoned practitioners. Knowledge in this important field provides a context for clients to experience safety and trust.

The Ethics of Touch, Second Edition, is the finest and most complete book on the subject of ethics for structural integrators, massage therapists, chiropractors, and all somatic practitioners.

The Hellerwork Training devotes 30 classroom hours on ethics. The Ethics of Touch is required reading for Hellerwork students. In this book, there are many practical scenarios, with options and suggestions, that include situations that one would not normally realize were possibilities. These various scenarios are used in the classroom setting with great success.

Even after 35 years in practice as a Hellerwork Practitioner, I find this book providing fresh insights. The Ethics of Touch is a valuable resource for practitioners to refer from time to time.

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