Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

Working with People to make People Work Better and Better your Work
A “touchy” subject in the world of movement education

It has been over 11 years since my recommendation of The Ethics of Touch as a body of support for my teaching courses and beyond.

In those years so much has changed:

  • Changes in course structure. Less real time teaching and less time invested in the psychology and ethics of teaching or business.
  • On-line learning opportunities without client interaction or feedback
  • More Integrated proactive models with a therapeutic and wellness approach, incorporating movement as well as Somatic work.

More than ever we need the second edition of The Ethics of Touch. The second edition addresses the changes in our field over the years in great detail.

Chapters such as: Chapter Five, “Communication Techniques and Strategies” or Chapter Six, “Sex, Touch and Intimacy,” and the essential Chapter 11 on “Working with Trauma Survivors.”

As a movement educator and Pilates Master teacher, I trust that this book will find its way to everyone who aspires to work with people or who currently is in the practice of relying on “touch.”

The Ethics of Touch is a priceless resource whose goal is to optimize the infrastructure of the business of “moving people.”

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