Book Review of The Ethics of Touch

AMTA Oregon Chapter
Summer 2014
by Glenath Moyle LMT

I was impressed with the first edition of this book when I reviewed it 11 years ago. The new second edition is a worthy successor, retaining the good information from the first, updated with current massage therapy practices. It is an excellent resource for developing critical thinking skills around the subject of ethics.

We are all challenged with ethical issues in our personal and professional lives. In my role as a peer supervisor for the Oregon Board of Massage Therapy, I found that the first edition, and now this version, was like “an instruction book for life,” offering information and advice that is relevant to our profession. Whether one is a recent graduate or a seasoned professional I feel this book is a must for every massage therapist’s bookshelf.

The second edition offers 70 more pages, all presented in a colorful style that is easy on the eyes. The authors have revised and expanded most areas of the original. For example, the section in Chapter 1, about the Power Differential, has been enhanced and is a valuable resource for all bodywork practitioners. Chapter 9, Business Ethics, is much expanded and very relevant to today’s professional environment. I appreciate the timely and specific information about such necessary topics as marketing techniques, insurance billing, social media communications, and non-traditional payment methods.

Chapter 10, Support Systems, encompasses a variety of different resources available to massage therapists today. Sections on Supervision, Peer Support Groups, Mentoring, etc., provide information from finding existing groups to instructions on how to set up your own. Because massage is generally a solitary profession, we can all benefit from sharing with our peers.

In closing, I would recommend that for those who already own the first edition, this new second edition is worth the investment in time and money.

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