Ethics Discussion Scenarios

Ethics Discussion Scenario

Feldenkrais Method® and Functional Integration® (FI)

  1. A client is not satisfied with his last FI with you and comments that your "performance" compares unfavorably to other practitioners with whom he has worked before. "These other practitioners were so efficient and successful, why are the results of your work taking so long?"

  2. A client loves your lessons in FI and compares you to other practitioners with whom she has worked, telling you how unclear and tentative their touch was.

  3. A client's good friend came to you a few weeks ago and in one lesson, according to the client, you "cured" her of her chronic knee pain. The friend talked very highly of your incredible work. The client happens to have the "same" knee trouble and expects the same rapid and miraculous results from your work.

  4. A client has very little money to pay for your lessons. You agree to do a trade with the client who says that she has some skills in car bodywork. Your car has lots of rusted spots. You start giving her lessons; the client realizes early on that she has underestimated the task and that your car is much more rusted than foreseen. The first repairs have actually made the car look worse.

  5. A client comes from his first lesson very hostile and confronting in his communication. He has a lot of pain and wants help but has had previous bad experiences with other medical and alternative modalities. He was required to do exercises that increased the pain and was chastised when he could not do the movements.

  6. A client is a neighbor that you see regularly. She has given her sister a series of FIs as a gift. Every time you see the client she asks how the lessons are progressing with the sister and if you are addressing these issues that bother her with the sister.

  7. A client has had 3 lessons of FI with you. At the fourth lesson, in the beginning of the afternoon, she arrives smelling of alcohol, speaking in a sloppy way, and making more jokes than usual.

  8. A client is an old ATM client and he recently started selling beauty products of your preferred brand. He offers to sell you these products at a reduced price.

  9. A client has had FI lessons with you for over a year. During the last lesson, the client shares with you that his daughter is planning to have an abortion. The client feels very strongly that this is morally wrong. You have a very pro-choice position about such topics.

  10. A client is so happy about her recent progress with your lessons that she brings you a homemade cake. The next time she comes with homemade jam.

  11. A client is a well known actor and has been a student in your ATM classes for years. He is part of a play opening next week and offers you two tickets.

  12. A client is the owner of an office building. You don't know that yet. He happens to be your FI student for the last 6 months because of his limited movement of the spine after an accident. As you speak of needing to move your own office in the next year, he offers to rent you in his building, a few blocks away from your present office.

  13. A client is an elderly person you have as student in FI. She is referred by her daughter who is a nurse and also your ATM student. The client does not seem to do be learning much during the lessons, and there is no specific problem she wants to resolve. Yet she comes back happily every week. You learn from her daughter that the client is very happy to have this contact with you because she really likes you and this is her unique opportunity to be touched intimately.

  14. A client is a student in your ATM class. You meet him at the movies on Saturday night. While you are talking to him, an acquaintance of his who happens to be an FI student of yours walks by says hello to both of you and goes on her way. The client asks you: how do you know this person?

  15. A client is referred to you by her psychologist who tells you that your work -- which with the psychologist is unfamilier -- can perhaps help her resolve her post-traumatic syndrome due to a series of hold-ups in her convenience store. As her work in FI progresses, she shares the intense feelings and images that begin to surface.

  16. You find a client attractive and interesting and you are presently available for dating. He comes to you through a mutual friend for FI lessons. He offers to improve the quality of the friend's breathing particularly in the context of meditation. You are yourself an avid meditator. Further, he wants to have better performance in long-distance running. You, too, are a long-distance runner.

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